The documentation is so bad...

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The documentation is so bad...

Post by proton258 » Sat Apr 13, 2019 6:20 pm

Hi Bertus

Protoneer sell a product without appropriate supporting documentation on that product...why is this and why can you not put together a better configuration guide for your products. The amount of posts on the forum seeking guidance on setup and configuration seems to bear this out?

There are some very simple things you could explain in the documentation for new users trying to setup the board and get stepper motors working etc

1) if you are using Pololu a4988 stepper drivers connected to a 2.58 board you can directly wire the stepper motor wires into the green connector blocks for the X, Y, Z or A axis. It took me a long time to work this out...way to long. Nothing in your documentation explains this relevant piece of information.

2) When using Pololu a4988 or similar stepper driver you need to power them using an external power supply, so you connect the DC+ to the 12-30 VDC output and then you connect the DC- to the GND, however it is confusing when you do not mention or explain that the DC- is acting as GND.

3) if you are going to use external stepper drivers on the 2.58 board you either need to solder the relevant wires to the board or use the Pololu Socket To External Driver conversion board...however the documentation on the two different configurations is sadly lacking in the extreme

4) Documentation on the schematics, setup and configuration of the 2.58 board is totally lacking...

I have finally got my 2.58 board up and running and bCNC now controls my three stepper motors...however it has taken me way to long to get the configuration up and running and i have had to watch to many YouTube clips to work out what i need to do to achieve a working solution...can you not put together a proper step by step configuration guide and help all the people that want to use your products...if i new it would spend so much time getting to this stage on my CNC journey, I would have purchased a different product.

Seriously frustrated...

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Re: The documentation is so bad...

Post by erniehatt » Sat Apr 13, 2019 11:25 pm

I must say I agree to a certain extent, but most of the questions have been answered here on the forum at some stage or other, just a matter of searching.
Generally one starts a forum to cover such questions, If you ask a question here then Bertus will always answer, though it does take about a week, depending on when you ask.
I never once had to resort to you tube videos.
The only thing I find that needs some explanation is setting up end stops, have never been able to get these working, so have left them unconnected.

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