Ethernet connection to reduce EMF

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Ethernet connection to reduce EMF

Post by samjenp » Wed Dec 01, 2021 11:33 am

I bought the CNC board about 3 years ago - I built a CNC machine that I use for wood and plastic routing .
Its been great , absolutely love it . Its never missed a beat .

Now, I tried to convert it to a Plasma CNC .
Im using a Low Frequency plasma cutter, but I'm still getting random EMF that is causing the controller to stop.

I tried isolating various parts of the CNC machine and I have grounded everything to my steel shed post - into the ground.

To some extent its worked but I still have problems from time to time.

I food a guy in the Net who had similar problems but with another type of controller.
He got over the problems by ditching the USB cable and using Ethernet?

I was wondering if our controller can be hooked up through Ethernet someway in stead of USB?
is there a shield or something I can use?

thanks in advance

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