SCL line question

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SCL line question

Post by BESM » Wed Nov 18, 2020 2:00 pm

Using a 3.51 ver Shield and am having difficulty with I2C communication and it appears to be due to a loading on the SCL line.

With the shield not plugged into the UNO, the SCL line has a measured resistance to ground of 10.6K.
It looks like this is related to one of the LED's on the board, to which it shows continuity.
I would like to clear this loading but before I do any surgery, I would like to know the specific reason for this loading resistance. I really just want a clean connection to A5 with nothing hanging off it.

Perhaps a circuit diagram showing the LED arrangement would be helpful.

I am using the shield as a basis for 3 steppers but not for CNC.

Any advice would be appreciated


Bruce M

Boston MA

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