New pinouts etc grbl 1.1h

Question/Answers related to this version of the board.
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New pinouts etc grbl 1.1h

Post by Erikcramerjr » Sun Aug 30, 2020 12:28 pm


Given the new pinouts and support for dual motor squaring
New dual motor support feature for gantry CNC machines. An axis motor is efficiently mirrored to a dedicated set of step and direction pins (D12/D13 or A3/A4) with no detectable loss of performance. Primarily used to independently home both sides of a dual-motor gantry with a pair of limit switches (second shared with Z-axis limit pin). When the limit switches are setup correctly, Grbl will self-square the gantry (and stay square if $1=255 is programmed). Beware use at your own risk! Grbl is not responsible for any damage to any machines

Will there be a new board to support these options?
As i also noticed that on 1.1f the zprobe was not on the position as States for instance here
The pin A7 is connected to SDa so i had to use that one.

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