Unable to view entire bCNC screen on Raspberry pi4

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Unable to view entire bCNC screen on Raspberry pi4

Post by plyoteo » Thu Nov 12, 2020 6:48 pm

My first attempt at connecting the Protoneer CNC HAT on a pi4 and running bCNC is a mixed bag. First the good news.

I assembled the CNC HAT on top of the pi4. Downloaded the CNC HAT image per Protoneer instructions, burned it on an SD card, loaded it on the pi. Run RPi3/4 Serial Config shortcut once. Also installed RealVNC in order to access the pi virtual window. Enabled SSH and RealVNC and took care of settings for automatic WiFi hookup for remote access and headless operation. Installed a DRV8825 on the X-axis,trimmed the voltage, and hooked up a tiny stepper motor. Run a sample Fusion 360 g-code. Everything seems fine and the motor is doing its job.

Now for the not so good news.

I am missing my lower half of the screen.To explain, first attached image - pi4_bCNC_screen.png - is what i get on the pi 7" screen or on my laptop via SSH and/or VNC. Second attached image - PC_bCNC_screen.png - is the output of a dowloaded bCNC as on my Windows 7 laptop, with "$ python -m pip install bCNC" command as per V.Vlachoudis. As you can seen the lower half on the screen is invisible in the case of the pi bCNC screen. In Control Mode, coolant, spindle, toggles are not accesible.

I am wondering if I went wrong about the setup from the very beginning or if I am missing some kind of configuration. I simply refuse to believe that this might be a problem inherent to the Protoneer image. I would rather blame it on my vast ineptitude. Any help will be most appreciated.

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