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large file stops running

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 2:29 am
by westberrymfg
So there seems to be a limit to file size, 33.89KB works, 37.36KB does not.
Yes, ive adjusted redraw time to the max, that helped and I ran the gpu memory to the max, that helped.
There is no difference in the two files as far as operation.
I'm using Raspberry Pi3 B+ and booting off a 1 tera bit hard drive instead of a card with bcnc.
The machine goes to idle and waits for respond. If I open the code and uncheck previous blocks that have run and press resume the file continues for a moment.
Also, if I do not delete the 2nd line of code in the header which is O0 the files does not run at all.
Any ideas here?