versin 2.58

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Re: versin 2.58

Post by proton258 » Sun Mar 31, 2019 1:32 am

Hi Bertus

Confused...very confused....

I have two sets of stepper drivers (from what you are saying i can only use one stepper driver - either the a4988 or the m542t)

1) a4988 stepper drivers that can be inserted into the for x, y, z and a axis connectors on the 2.58 board.
- How do you connect the wires to to the a4988 board so i can control the nema stepper motor
- do i need to solder the wires to the relevant pins on the a4988 board ?
- Do you have a wiring diagram or a picture of this configuration ?

2) external m542t stepper drivers (instead of using a4988 drivers)
- If i use the m542t external drivers do i have to use the red board you sell - Pololu Socket To External Driver conversion board for the 2.58 or can this be wired without the board
- do you have a wiring diagram for this configuration on the 2.58 board

Can you provide full documentation for the full 2.58 board. e.g all the pinouts on the sockets, what the jumper pins do...there seems to be a lack of documentation for the 2.58 board...?

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Re: versin 2.58

Post by StuartB » Sun Mar 31, 2019 4:16 pm

These might help. 2 videos by the same guy.

If you are using external drivers, remove the pololu ones.

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