V3 board for laser driver on

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V3 board for laser driver on

Post by fbmfbm » Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:36 pm

Hi all

i'm looking to setup an laser cutter with my V3 board (chiness version i think) and can't find the way to drive my Laser.
My laser, a blue 2.5w ( this one : https://www.banggood.com/445nm-2_5W-250 ... ehouse=USA)

work with 12V and don't have ttl on it. The board is well working (motor driver, end stop and so...), and i know that with 1.1 GRBL i must connect Z end to get the pwm and i cant mesure variation with M3 S1000 or M3 S500 ... with it.
But as i want to modulate the laser from 0 to 12 V i'm thinking to use MOFSET for driving it. Any one know how to connect it ?
Is that connection the best solution or can i find other way to connect it ? Witch MOFSET does à use fore this ?
(I have make some other test with ramp 1.4 board and the fan output modulation work well for my laser as it's an 12V output, but cnc v3 use 5V,and amp is not anought to drive it)...

Thank's a lot if anyone have some type about that.


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