using V3.00 with laser engraver

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using V3.00 with laser engraver

Post by wilwahabri » Tue Jul 03, 2018 12:17 pm

G'day, I have a 15w pulse laser with a nominal output of about 7 to 8 watts. it has TTL pwm power control. Does the version 3.00 board have the facility to output a pwm signal? If it is possible I presume it is provided on the SpnEn terminals?

As I am operating a laser again I presume that I do not need to connect anything to the SpnDir terminals?

Appreciate your help with these beginners questions, and apologise if these have been asked before


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Re: using V3.00 with laser engraver

Post by StuartB » Fri Sep 07, 2018 12:31 am

The PWM signal from Pin 11 on the Arduino does go through the older version 3 shield, but it goes to the Z+/- pin, not the SpnEn pin.
You should also edit the GRBL config.h file with a text editor.

You just need to make sure it looks like this:
// Enables variable spindle output voltage for different RPM values. On the Arduino Uno, the spindle
// enable pin will output 5V for maximum RPM with 256 intermediate levels and 0V when disabled.
// NOTE: IMPORTANT for Arduino Unos! When enabled, the Z-limit pin D11 and spindle enable pin D12 switch!
// The hardware PWM output on pin D11 is required for variable spindle output voltages.
#define VARIABLE_SPINDLE // Default enabled. Comment to disable.
If there are 2 forward slashes in front of the word #define then you have to remove them, save the config.h file, recompile GRBL and re-upload it to the Arduino for it to take effect.
If there are no slashes just close config.h without editing, then you dont need to recompile or upload it again.

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