Connecting 2 Arduino's with shields

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Connecting 2 Arduino's with shields

Post by 0910119 » Tue Apr 13, 2021 8:31 am


I'm new so please forgive me if i ask odd questions.

My setup is as follows:
-Arduino uno + cnc shield v3 + drv8818 drivers+ NEMA 17 steppermotors
- Arduino uno + robot shield+ robotic arm
They work fine seperately. I use UGS software to control te steppermotors.
How do you connect these 2 so that they work after each other when i upload the g-code? Like the robotic arm runs his code, then the cnc arduino, and than again te robotic arm. I have tried the rx/tx pins, olso the I2C method but nothing seems to work...
Any code suggestions?

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