Can't expand filesystem

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Re: Can't expand filesystem

Post by Kilgorq » Wed Apr 22, 2020 5:13 am

I tried Win32DiskImager and the copy was no good. I found out the hard way. I have tried a few partition backup tools and whole disk image tools and none of them work for me. I even tried on a different computer. With no success. Wasted many hours.

I am doing my backups on a Windows machine. This probably does not help much since Windows does not play well with EXT4. Plus I was trying to back up a 128GB SD. Talk about slow. Now I am working on a 16GB that should make the backups faster.

I tried shrinking the partition to about 8 GB and still had issues with it. Is there are way to back it up on the pi ?
Any help would be great.

I managed to get my "onboard" keyboard working on this and most of my icons setup for the touch screen now.

I am still trying to get long press for right click to work. I really want to do a good backup at this point since this is where it breaks every time.

I also would like to resize the Icons and menus in bCNC. It is to small to get an accurate touch every time. See attached image. I read somewhere that there is an option for doing this but I cannot find it in the menus.

I tried using a lower resolution but then the Keyboard takes up most of the screen. Iits not as much of an issue since I decided to use a 23 inch touch screen instead of the 10 inch screen I was wanting to. I would still like to get it working on a smaller screen. I would like to make it more of an HMI (Human Machine Interface) setup.
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Re: Can't expand filesystem

Post by srsimmons » Wed Jul 15, 2020 9:33 pm

The instructions on this page: ... tem-issues

worked perfectly for me. I used it on a 16GB and a 32GB card with no problems.

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